Everybody loves the convenience of online payment. A few clicks and you're done! No more printing out the bill, writing up a check, stuff the envelope and lick the stamp. Wait a few days hoping the postal services will deliver your payment on-time. Now, everything is digital. You get on your bank's website, and manage all your payables online. Easy and simple, right? Well, what if you need a payment confirmation or receipt? Say you're sending a scheduled online payment and you want to show the receiving party that you have already sent the payment. Or, maybe you just like to keep a receipt as a proof that you did make that payment. Are you really going to print out your payment confirmation? What will you do with it once it's printed? How and where are you going to file it? Sure, the bank will keep a record of this on your monthly statement, but it'll be a single line of entry in the statement, not an independent document showing a payment was made. This is where CATALOQ.COM can help. Storing any type of receipt or confirmation document is easy and straight forward. Categorize these documents as you see fit, and they are all searchable.

Speaking of banks, how about those monthly statements? They look nice and tidy on your bank's website, but they won't be there forever! Most banks keep about one year worth of online statements for consumers to download. After that, you'll have to pay your way to get older statements. Assuming that you download your bank statement on a monthly basis, what are you going to do with all these files once they're downloaded? Where are you going to store them? Are they still going to be on the same hard drive in five years? Will you even remember how to find them? This is where CATALOQ.COM can help. Once downloaded from your bank, you can easily categorize bank statements on our web app. Five years, 10 years, a few simple clicks will bring any old document back - as good as the first day they were deposited into our service.