There are no other document management service made specifically for micro and small businesses. Everything out there are geared for big corporations. We know because we checked. Our affordable fees are made with micro and small businesses in mind. Whether you are a team of two or 10, we are the perfect size for you.

And you're not getting a watered-down service. One of our biggest strength (that's not included in the consumer version) is the "collaboration" feature. With Collaboration, you'll be able to share your documents with your team members, or work together to complete a project. Efficient and easy!

Businesses professionals such as CPA, attorneys, and medical services will benefit greatly from the ability to store relevant digital documents for each individual client. Other service oriented companies which involves intensive documents, such as loan processing or real estate, will also find our web app extremely helpful in keeping all the necessary document neatly classified by each individual client. You can even develop a template for each different type of project, this will give each team member the ability just to "plug-and-play" each required document into the designated slot within a project.

In addition to all of the above, you still get the ability to keep your other business documents filed and stored securely and safely. You can literally throw away your file cabinets and banker's boxes. Put your bank statements, vendor invoices, and any other type of documents online in CATALOQ.COM. They can be easily categorized for instant retrieval and the contents are searchable for quick access. Your bookkeeping staff will love us!

There are many possibilities on how CATALOQ.COM can help you to keep your business running and be more productive. Give us a try and find out.